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Managing your portfolio

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If you already have a property portfolio


 If you already have a portfolio and are looking to find someone you can trust who will take over your portfolio, we can offer you a caring service offering high quality and excellent rates


We find ideal tenants and take great care of your properties 

Being in constant contact with tenants causes our relationship with them to strengthen. It is not uncommon for poor management agents to form a closer bond with the tenants than with the landlord. However we never forget who is paying our fees and we always put our landlords first.


If your property is looking tired or you find you are not achieving the rental returns you want why not consider refurbishing ?  We have a network of construction and building firms that we have built up over the years and are well known and respected in the industry.

 property management in Kingston upon Hull and East Yorkshire


Are you considering investing in Hull property ?


The one big secret of a good investment is choosing the right property, If the property is good you will rent it easily and sell it for a huge return. This is where our specialisation comes in. We know what to look for. We know the areas that sell well AND rent well.



Finding the right deals

We have excellent relationships with ALL the main estate agents in the city. We receive a stream of calls when new investment properties come on the market. We are trusted by them and can move quickly and make sure everything goes smoothly.

There is nothing like talking to an expert and we pride ourselves on being experts on Hull property. Why not pick up the phone today and speak with us about the Hull property market and how to take advantage of the huge rises that are predicted for the area.